Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you’re ready or not, to put this plan into action.

- Napoleon Hill

Pinnacle and City Council

We have found that a plan is the best way to move forward. If you business or organization is facing change or disruption through a new competitor, changed regulation, or new opportunity or expectation, a plan will recognize your starting point, define goals, and outline the steps required to reach them.

Pinnacle Communications & Media Inc is a professional services company that develops short term, as well as multi-year plans that help achieve your business goals through strategic communication planning and implementation. We have 30 years' experience helping agencies, businesses, non-profits, governments, and arms-length organizations reach their objectives.

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Our process involves developing a plan customized for each client and considering these four components:


A unique set of circumstances, objectives, and resources makes it is critically important to have customized solution. Pinnacle seeks to understand your challenges and opportunities and then creates the strategic communications plan to deliver your message strategically, in an effective, coordinated fashion.


Expression of your strategy comes in many forms and must align with your brand, your audiences, and your objectives. Words, pictures, motion, and sound matter. Coordination of message design across all mediums is a key component of a successful campaign.


Implementing the plan may include any number of tactics in advertising, social media, speaking engagements, print, web, etc. Whether you have a large campaign and budget, or small, managing resources and timing is critical to success.


Campaigns progress and environments evolve. Planning to evaluation your campaign is smart. Your campaign will benefit from measurement and change can return better results this time, or next time.

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Pinnacle knows Media Relations

Media Relations

is an important part of any communications strategy. National or local, our experience with news conferences, live streaming announcements, scrums, editorial boards, writing releases and event management can support your organization's need for positive, accurate media coverage.

Creating an online presence with Pinnacle Communications & Media Inc.


are foundational for achieving your business goals, but they are not stand alone solutions. We create mobile ready sites and integrate them with other marketing tools such as SEO, online advertising, ecommerce, lead capture, social media, and more, so your investment delivers results. Pinnacle designs your website to be part of an overall marketing strategy.

Pinnacle creates effective strategies to create success for you!

Reports & Plans

Market Assessments, Communications Plans, Marketing Strategies, Operational Plans, and Annual Reports are all necessary business tools that can improve outcomes, attract customers, and satisfy funders. We build our plans on solid online and personal research conducted through interviews, focus groups, omnibus surveys, and online questionnaires that assess customer demand or satisfaction, identify new opportunities, and create effective strategies that will help your business grow.

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